Monday, January 30, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It is impossible to look at these photos without 20/20 hindsight. Keep in mind that these were shot in 2005 before Brad and Angelina were Brangelina. The two were promoting their film Mr. and Mrs. Smith that nobody actually saw but everyone remembers for its preminiscent plot. Flash forward 7 years, and they have their own brood of little ones. After all, the chemistry is practically jumping off the pages. 

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jingoist Fashion

One night in high school, a dozen of my friends met at the Veterans Memorial in Riverside Park to do what we do best; underage drinking. Unfortunately for us, a couple of undercover cops who usually bust perverts and dogwalkers, sat us down, demanded our identification, and lectured us on sacrifice for our nation. So, dear Mr. Undercover cop, I dedicate this photoshoot to you.

Topshop Dress, Smythe Jacket, Corso Como boots, Fur Bomber Hat

Monday, January 23, 2012


Does this mean the 90s are back?

Emma Tempest for Metal Magazine

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Givenchy does Good

 I'm not sure if Givenchy got really good, or I just became aware of how good it is. Riccardo Tisci is really on point in this nautically themed Spring 2012 collection, with surfers and mermaids serving as inspiration. Tropical prints and expert tailoring make for an epic combination.

Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rap Genius X Neon Mamacita

Rap style has come a long way since Hammer pants. Rappers' styles are more diverse and interesting than ever before. While pushing the envelope on hip hop style, artists are still dressing the part and appropriating what came before. Cool kicks, massive chains, brand logos, and major swag are still a fixture in this generation's style but has matured and earned its place among fashion elite.

This is a collection of the best styles of Hip Hop. Some are on this list because they are tastemakers, some because they play the part, and others because they just look damn good. 

You saw the best of it, now see the worst of it, check out my post on Bad Rap Style.

Frank Ocean: Frank Ocean just looks so damn good in a well-cut suit. It also doesn’t hurt that L’uomo Vogue has called him America’s Next President or GQ named him Rookie Man of the Year. Ocean has cultivated an understated-yet-sophisticated aesthetic largely missing from today’s music culture.  But he doesn’t forget the important things in life, as Ocean said “The one non-musical thing that I learned from working with Kanye is that you should always choose your sneakers wisely.”

Tyler the Creator: You might not expect an artist who raps about “Making crack rocks outta pussy nigga fishbones” to have a penchant for vintage Hawaiian shirts, but the irreverent leader of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) sports them like a uniform. His playful style- the cut off shorts, high socks, supreme hats accessorized with a skateboard- acts as an anecdote to his hardcore lyrics that have gained fans and foes alike. 

Kanye: Ya, he comes across as kind of an asshole, but who else can claim to have inspired a generation of black hipsters, began a fad of ridiculous slotted sunglasses, or brought the collegiate letter jacket back in fashion. His first attempt at ready-to-wear might have been a bit of a flop, but now he’s got the fashion world listening.

Nicki Minaj: Nicki lives by the mantra, more is more is more.  And boy is she working it. While she’s obviously inspired by Lady Gaga’s flare for the dramatic, Nicki leaves behind the façade of cultural criticism for the fun of fashion. A She is living up to her nickname as the Technicolor Barbie with a recently made doll in her likeness (complete with bright pink hair, lips and eyelashes a mile long) recently made her nickname “the Technicolor Barbie” truer than ever.

Snoop Dogg: In a word, this man is silly. You gotta love Snoop for not taking himself too seriously and often looking totally ridiculous. When not wearing baggy sweatpants or hoodies, you might find him dressed as a pimp, a hindu, or willy wonka… but usually just a pimp.

Lil’ Kim: Nicki Minaj eat your heart out. Let me take you back to the MTV VMA’s 1999, my girl Kim was sporting candy colored wigs and baring her breasts before the millennium. While Lil’ Kim’s outfits gravitated towards the slutty/streetwalker variety, she always accessorized her looks with confidence and a “don’t fuck with me” attitude that made her the stuff of fashion legend. Becoming Marc Jacobs’s muse didn’t hurt either. 

Rick Ross: I mean, who else can pull off a black and yellow diamond pendant of his own likeness? Nuff Said.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Best of Neon Mamacita

Most people spend the month of December looking back, and the month of January looking forward. But as a New Yorker, I make it a policy to be consistently late to all my dates. I grew up with a mother who thinks that it is rude to show up on time to a dinner party, and being early is an unpardonable offense. At least I'm reliable.

So predictably late, I present my favorite Neon Mamacita posts from this past year.  A special shout out to my big brother/ photographer, Nick Shepard, I couldn't have done it without you. Enjoy, and get ready for NM 2012!

Spliced: I don't know what it is about Antlers and figures, but something just makes me want to combine them. No need for genetic engineering, thanks to scissors and glue I can collage my own fantasy landscapes.

 Let's Hear it for The Boys: Thanks to my friend, Dave, I was able to attempt my first foray into the unknown world of men's fashion.

It's a Mad Mad World:  This shoot was particularly fun because I got to live out some of my Mad Men costume fantasies. We worked to recreate the seductiveness of the 1960s with some help from gorgeous models and Issy Magowen's photos.

 Fly Away: Truth be told, I've never put so much effort into a Halloween Costume so I just have to show it off a bit more. Plus I love these black and white gems.

Mango Mamacita: Food and fashion are pretty much my two favorite things, so the opportunity to combine them was irresistible. To top it off, I loved working with my cousin and her cheap eats blog, the Mango Lassie.

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Friday, January 13, 2012


Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather with my four legged friends. I'm wearing a 1930s embroidered coat, 1940s silk dress, Corso Como boots and a 1970s felt hat.

Photos by Andra Georges