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Heroin Chic? Dash Snow meets David Sorrenti

The recent death of Dash Snow on July 13th inevitably brings to mind the overdose of Davide Sorrenti, poster boy and propagator of heroin chic.

Both were promising young men, born into wealthy families. They aspired and succeeded at being downtown New York artists who fucked models and ran with the cool crowd. Both had the initials D.S. and were dead in their prime 20's.

The Boys

Dash Snow

Davide Sorrenti

The Sorrentis: Davide, Vanina, Mario

Davide, Vanina, and Mario

Davide Sorrenti was born into a fashionable family, to say the least. His mother, Francesca, his brother, Mario, his sister, Vanina, and himself were all accomplished fashion photographers who worked with the latest it girls and beautiful people. Of course, they were all painfully beautiful themselves.

Mario Sorrenti is probably the most prolific of the bunch, having shot such campaigns as Calvin Klein's Obsession and continues to be very active in the business.

As shot by Mario Sorrenti
Mario Sorrenti photographed by Kate Moss 1992

Vinina Sorrenti so as not to be outdone by her brother

Vanina, locked in a moment.

All imaes via Ambush

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