Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is a Man's World (But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl)

Leave it up to Miuccia Prada to bring the sexy back into fashion. To do that, she had to bring a man's eye to women's fashion.

Women and cars, with a healthy dose of 1950s nostalgia, serve as inspiration for the latest spring collection. But I would argue that the collection is really designed for the men who drive those cars and the women who dress for the men. 

In a season of demure hemlines and delicate florals, Prada counters with bandeau tops, pencil skirts, and bright pops of crimson. She even goes so far as to turn the women into cars, with tailpipe fire shoes, colors reminiscent of auto-paint, and prints that seem branded by"spray-painting mechanic boyfriends".

The gaze of the invisible man has been expertly translated by a 62 year old woman. In a way, this is a collection about how a woman thinks a man thinks a woman should dress. I love these collages (although she stole my idea) as a way to see the 1950s from Miuccia's perspective translated into the collection.

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