Thursday, March 26, 2009

Excuse I: A Strongly Worded Letter to Whoever the Hell Runs New York

New York, I love you. But right now you are pissing me off. A well functioning and affordable mass transportation system is essential to New York.  The State Senate's failure to levy tolls on the remaining toll-free bridges around Manhattan will punish millions of New Yorkers that rely on public transportation and encourage private auto-usage, which brings congestion and poor air quality.

 Our political leaders have been patheticly short sighted and ineffective at making these key decisions, and I have no doubt that their refusal to save the MTA will have massive negative ramifications. LOBBY YOUR REPRESENTATIVES!

I pose the question, why doesn't New York City just secede from the state? In return for our tax dollars, they give us shit.  

I have much more to say on this subject, but I think the New York Times editorial staff can say much better.  Please read it, its really important. 

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