Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bon Nappétit!"- Because who doesn't love a nap?

--"Bon nappétit!": French expression for “have a good nap!”

My dad loves naps. So much so that he has created a whole new vocabulary of nap-associated words. They are fairly ingenious. Anyway, here are some Nappetizers for you.

--Nappetizing: (adj.) appealing to one's inclination for a nap. E.g., "That couch looks really nappetizing."

--Unnappetizing: (adj.) tending to counteract one's inclination for a nap. E.g., "This constant phone ringing is very unnappetizing."

--Nappetizer: (n.) a short nap. E.g., “I enjoy a nappetizer each afternoon.”

--Nappetite: (n.) one's inclination to nap. E.g., "I have a voracious nappetite for at least an hour long nap." "These interruptions are the reason for my loss of nappetite."

--Nappliance: (n) a device designed to facilitate napping. E.g., a couch.

--Napademic: (n) a widespread outbreak of napathy.

--Napathy: (n) "needing" a nap’ Napathetic: (adj.) ready to enjoy or "needing" a nap. E.g., I am feeling napathetic."

--Napparition: (n.) appearance in a waking state of someone thought to be taking a nap; also, a dream experienced while taking a nap.

--Nappendectomy: (n.) premature awakening from a nap. E.g., "Unplug the phone. I don't want to have a nappendectomy."

--Naptitude: (n.) natural ability for napping.

--Naprodisiac: (n.) something that creates a desire for a nap. E.g., "I find red wine an irresistible naprodisiac."

--Napkin: (n.) a relation (brother, sister, etc.) who likes to nap

--Napaholic: (n.) someone who is addicted to naps.

--Napa (California): (n) famous for its naprodisiacs and a favorite vacation spot for nappers

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