Friday, June 1, 2012

Sleep to Dream

On days like today, when the Euro is on the brink of collapse, employment in the U.S. looks bleak, and it feels like we are on the tipping point of a global financial meltdown, I have a certain amount of Rip Van Winkle envy. I know my mama said that there would be days like these, but can't I just go to sleep and wake up in 100 years, perfectly preserved with the world returned to order.

Sleeping is such a wonderful feeling it's a wonder that we are ever awake. Our bodies fall into such a state of blissful unconsciousness that is unparalleled in its enjoyment. Sometimes, when the worries and requirements of the woken world creep in, I suddenly wake with a start wondering 'where did I leave my keys?'.  Only after my fingers have grasped them am I able to slip back into my dream state.

So I have some empathy for the subject of this photoshoot; a girl who distances herself from the boring rituals of modern life with a suspension of consciousness. The costuming is so extreme and surreal that it places the viewer within the subconcious of the girl, we see her slumber and we see her dream.

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