Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Banana Republic: A Love Story

"How did she find herself here of all places? Sure it had been great at first, there was late night drinking and flirting that met its inevitable end. But now he was distant. She had figured things were over because he had begun to ignore her and she had begun to compose a breakup monologue. But something was off and it frightened her.

Despite being two bus rides and four plane trips away from home she hadn't felt lonely until now. Lonely is what she felt back in New York, where "friends" were the people who texted her on a Saturday night. And while she hadn't actually known the island residents very long, they were good to her. But then, here it was again, that lingering sense of unease"

 I absolutely loved this photoshoot, it reminds me of a set of stills from a film noir. Pretty little rich girl gets unwittingly involved in an assasination coverup in a Banana Republic (hence the preview of my future in Romance novels) or something like that. The photographs seem to imply a narrative and a dangerous one at that, like why is she wandering into a forest in a fur coat. And why is she always so alone?

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  1. The question is, why is she posing? If you pose in the forest and there's no one to see you....

  2. Because when you look that good you just have to!