Monday, April 23, 2012

Island Fever: Hawaiian Inspired Picks from Etsy

Way back in December I started dreaming about Hawaii. And after the monsoon that we just had, beaches and sunsets are back on the mind. It seems I'm not the only one. The Pacific Islands are officially trending right now, inspiring everyone from Givenchy to Topshop, Zara and everyone in between.

Of course, we've been here before. In 1946 the first transatlantic flights to Hawaii began to, allowing the newly moneyed middle class access to a bit of American paradise and Hawaii began to export a new kind of product- vacation. While you can't bottle up and bring home a day at the beach, your clothes can certainly make the trip.

Thus was born the Hawaiian shirt, sarong, and Pake Muu. Invented in 1924, Rayon quickly became the fabric of choice for this new industry, with its silky feel and light weight.  When buying Hawaiian, I always recommend buying rayon because it has the best hand and is the most authentic (but it is extremely flammable so watch out for those bonfires). And of course, the prints! Oh the prints!

Of course, it wouldn't be fashion if it wasn't repeated. The 1980s saw a resurgence in Hawaiian style, by pretty much copying the styles and prints of the 1940s. Hello Tommy Bahama. And while I generally hate the 1980s, you can actually find some pretty good pieces out there at really good prices.

And as fashion would have it, 30 years later, we find ourselves yet again in the midst of island fever.If you wanna get with it, check out my picks from Etsy

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