Monday, May 9, 2011

Lady Gaga Art Pt. 2

Apparently it is a very hip thing nowadays to host contests for Lady Gaga art. As you might remember, I did a post on Dazed and Confused's Drawn This Way and now New York Magazine is getting in on the action. Unlike Dazed, this is an unauthorized contest, resulting in more offensive and therefore more interesting interpretations.

Bourgeois Lady Gaga
"The mother of American feminist identity, Louise Bourgeois, considered the spider the ultimate mother figure. In turn, Lady Gaga is considered the ultimate mother to her "little monsters" William Ivey Long, Costume Designer (Hairspray)

Baby Gaga
"The dress is composed of live, squirming infants... they're always in motion - and the neediness of the consuming public. They're clingy!"
Ariel Schrag, Author

Little Monster Sound Suit
Nick Cave, Musician
Cynthia Rowley, Designer

Gaga in Bloom
Janie Bryant, Costume Designer (Mad Men)

Infinity Gaga
"More than just a new look for Gaga, I think we just want to see more of Gaga.
How can we get more Gaga?"
Vanessa Davis, Illustrator

Lady Cleft Lip
"Lady Gaga obtains a cleft lip from a cosmetic surgeon to spread her message of universal tolerance. What if you could change the life of a Diva?"
Tim Hensley, Author and Graphic Artist

Gaga of the Ephesians
"... Spurning mobility for a portale mountaintop, a thousand headed Gaga creates and destroys herself...."
Molly Crabapple, Artist

All images via New York Magazine

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